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Container Terminal Software

Terminal planning and optimization with CHESSCON

Do you need a container terminal software for your strategic and tactical terminal planning or for the start-up of new terminal components? Do you want to optimise terminal‘s day-to-day operations by fine-tuning TOS parameters and training the control staff to become „grandmasters“ in terminal operation?

CHESSCON's container terminal software is the optimal solution for you!


We are using CHESSCON for our strategic planning for many years already. We have it integrated into our terminal development and decision taking process for any major terminal project – be it new equipment, terminal expansion or even new terminals. My team is doing most of the simulation ourselves and for complex cases and new items we can always count on the knowledge and experience from the CHESSCON team.

Hence Gulftainer has gained confidence in this testing method and are looking forward to deploy this technology again to test bigger scenarios including their Khorfakkan Container Terminal before implementing the TOS there as well. After the successful implementation, Chesscon Virtual Terminal can be used for continuous improvement of processes and further raising efficiency and evaluating future capital Investments.

— Vinay Sharma
Group IT Head Gultainer

We - as Marport - have been using CHESSCON Capacity & Simulation tools since 2016. We are extremely satisfied with CHESSCON results which let us compare our future construction and extension plans. From the kick off meeting, ISL team always has positive approach to our various requests which were in connection with our terminal's design and circumstances. ISL team is not only in a positive manner to our requests but also they are really flexible, prompt and solution oriented.

The CHESSCON simulator has given us a strong support in operational planning and has been highlighted as a powerful support tool in making strategic decisions not only in terms of investment but also in our terminal performance for different scenarios.

Why do we use Shift Preview? Terminals, which today are not in the position to analyse their operation predictively are living yesterday.

— Marc Dieterich


Our CHESSCON products are proven within more than 80 projects worldwide.


We provide custom-tailored solutions that may be adapted by themselves to new demands.


The whole range of services around newly developed intelligent IT solutions will be merged.


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