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Software Ports Operations Optimization

Emulation and TOS Testing

CHESSCON Virtual Terminal provides a 3d model of a complete container terminal with all of its equipment and reacts like a real terminal.

The software’s open architecture allows you to easily connect to any existing TOS. This is the state of the art to TOS testing functionality without disturbing the real operation, which improves your terminal’s productivity, availability and stability.

Make more moves without burning fuel, making noise and emissions. An advantage like this can only be achieved through the utilisation of a virtual terminal. For the testing of new TOS releases, look no further.

CHESSCON Virtual Terminal ist the TOS-Emulation Simulation Software which speeds the start-up phase of a new terminal and brings the control staff to an expert level of operational understanding.



Benefits for your container terminal

  • Optimize utilisation of equipment
  • Improve your terminal productivity
  • Optimize handling strategies
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Increase the skill of your control staff
  • Profit from 3D model of your container terminal


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