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Optimization for port processes with CHESSCON

CHESSCON Virtual Terminal provides a 3d model of a complete container terminal with all of its equipment and reacts like a real terminal.

Operative planning in port industry with CHESSCON

CHESSCON Shift Preview is a software that helps you with the operative planning and with unplanned changes. It supports the shift planner to check different variations and chooses the best alternative.

Terminal Simulation with CHESSCON

CHESSCON Capacity recognise worldwide as an excellent tool for evaluating quaysides capacity and calculating the optimal number of cranes needed, as well as the number of slots per container type. On top CHESSCON Simulation allows terminal operators and consultants to accomplish their planning of greenfields and terminal expansions in a fast and easy way.

CHESSCON Virtual Container Terminal

Container Terminal Bremerhaven controlled by a Terminal Operating System (TOS) realtime Animation, Simulation, Emulation done by CHESSCON Virtual Terminal.

CHESSCON Overview flyer

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  • CHESSCON Terminal View, 3D visualisation of your terminal
  • CHESSCON Capacity, planning terminal's capacity
  • CHESSCON Simulation, planning and optimization of terminal's layout and processes
  • CHESSCON Virtual Terminal, testing and optimization of Terminal Operating Systems (TOS)

Simulation flyer

Learn how terminal operators and consultants accomplish their strategic and tactical planning in a fast and easy way.

Capacity flyer

Learn more about evaluating quaysides capacity and calculating the optimal number of cranes needed, and many more.

Virtual Terminal flyer

Learn more about the software and how the open architecture allows you to easily connect to any existing TOS. 

Yard View flyer

Get the opportunity to see your terminal in a way you have never seen it before.

Shift Preview flyer

Learn how to simulate your terminal operation based on the imported TOS data in minutes and get fast results of your current planning status before the shift begins. 

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Convince yourself of our projects.

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