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VIRTUAL WORLD that optimises space and time

Reference Story Hutchison Ports

During the last 50 years, simulation technology has found its way from technical applications into the logistics sector. Driven by increased demand for high productivity, due in part to the introduction of larger container vessels, specific computer systems for simulation were developed for container terminals.

The latest strategic approach is to use digital simulation technologies for planning, developing and the installation process of a container terminal, according to Holger Schuett, Managing Director of akquinet AG port consulting GmbH.

Herman Chiu, General Manager, Terminal Development, Group Operations at Hutchison Ports, said the use of simulation technology to terminal design and development during business development or the initial terminal design stages has been adapted to some of the group’s new terminals.

Find the Reference Story at the Website of Hutchison Ports: https://hutchisonports.com/en/media/stories/virtual-world-that-optimises-space-and-time/

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