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New Head of Sales at AKQUINET for the Ports and Terminals division

Oliver Jelsch combines experience in the port and container terminal industry with sales and management expertise

Bremerhaven/Hamburg. Oliver Jelsch has been appointed Head of Sales at akquinet port consulting GmbH effective January 1, 2020. In this position, he is also responsible for sales of CHESSCON, an industry solution for simulation modeling and terminal optimization.

Oliver Jelsch (51 years) has been appointed Head of Sales for akquinet port consulting GmbH from Bremerhaven effective as of January 2020, where he will be responsible for sales of the CHESSCON industry solution as well as all of the company's consulting and service activities. He previously served in the management team of K. + S., Kühl- und Spezialtransporte GmbH. As a branch manager at DATEVeG, he gathered experience in the IT domain and in consulting for complex solutions. Prior to that, he served in management positions at BLG Container and the Eurogate Group.

Since the company joined akquinet AG in late 2018, managing directors Prof. Dr. Holger Schütt and Norbert Klettner have managed the company's sales activities. “With Oliver Jelsch, we can now further expand the sales of our port solutions and better serve our customers and industry. Oliver combines experience in the port and container terminal sector with years of expertise in sales and management. He is capable of marketing the innovative port solutions from akquinet port consulting together with the broad portfolio of the AKQUINET Group,” says Norbert Klettner.

The main product by the Bremerhaven-based company is the CHESSCON software family, a familiar name among planners and operators of terminals and container ports. This solution offers simulation-driven solutions for terminals that cover capacity forecasts; layout, process, and TOS optimization; new, interactive training methods; and shift planning. A number of consulting and training services round out the offerings. akquinet port consulting GmbH is a subsidiary of akquinet AG, an IT consulting firm with 845 employees that is specialized in the implementation of ERP systems (SAP and Microsoft) and the custom development of software solutions, and also operates four data Centers.

For more information, visit https://akquinet.com/port-and-terminal-logistics.html

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