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Covid-19: Planning the restart of the terminal

Setting the right focus: simulation with the industry solution CHESSCON shows which resources are needed when

Bremerhaven/Hamburg (Germany). AKQUINET would like to help terminals to adjust their capacities and operational focus during and after the corona crisis. The consulting service is based on the industry software CHESSCON Capacity to conduct a data driven dynamic simulation. The individual conditions of the terminal are precisely mapped and thus scenarios are simulated with dynamic mathematical models. This provides operators with reliable insides for action when the terminal to re-adjust the operation needed.

Due to the corona crisis, the worldwide supply chains are interrupted or the volumes fluctuate strongly. The nicely streamlined global supply-chain is disrupted. For this reason, the operations as before cannot easly deployed on the new situation on the terminal. The setup needs to be adjusted to the current situation. An additional risk may be that employees fall ill with Covid-19. It is not fully foreseeable when and how quickly the capacities need to be ramped up again. "However, this uncertainty does not mean that we do not have to plan for the new situation. On the contrary: Terminals should now get a deeper inside and consider what scenarios could occur and how they can best react to them," advises Holger Schütt, Managing Director for the Port and Terminals Division at AKQUINET.

Two terminals receive offer as free service
The company supports terminals in planning for the readjustment to Corona driven changes. The team uses its industry software CHESSCON Capacity to simulate possible developments. "We want to play our part in overcoming the crisis and offer a free simulation of their individual evaluation with hands-on data driven assessment for two terminals". Interested companies can register under CONTACT. All inquiries received until 9 June 2020 will be entered into a selection.

Visualised scenarios and concrete recommendations for action
As part of the offer, the AKQUINET team with CHESSCON Capacity first prepares the layout of the terminal. "To do this, terminal operators must provide some information about the terminal, as this is the only way we can make our calculations and simulations on a solid basis," explains Holger Schütt. Various scenarios can be simulated, such as the situation in standard operation with normal KPIs, in shutdown mode and in the transition between scenarios. This is to be discussed as part of the working together. Among other things, it is possible to determine the impact the changed dwell time or changed sailing schedules, how it is to be controlled and how a terminal can adjust to the new situation in the month to come. "Terminal operators not only receive the visualizations as a clear result, for example for their internal planning. We also discuss the possible impact on operation together and give data driven insides to help the management taking decisions," explains Holger Schütt.

For more information, visit www.chesscon.com/prepare-for-restart

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akquinet AG is an international, steadily growing IT consulting firm whose headquarters are in Hamburg, Germany. The company currently employs more than 845 specialists with comprehensive expertise in future-oriented technologies. It specializes in the implementation of ERP systems (SAP and Microsoft) and the custom development of software solutions. AKQUINET offers years of industry experience and certified solutions, particularly in the areas of mechanical engineering, plant engineering, the public sector, and logistics. AKQUINET runs IT systems for companies of all sizes as an outsourcing partner at its four high-performance data centers in Hamburg, Norderstedt, and Itzehoe.
akquinet port consulting GmbH is one of 27 subsidiaries in the akquinet AG Group. Its industry solution, the CHESSCON family of software products, offers simulation-driven solutions for terminals that cover capacity forecasts; layout, process, and TOS optimization; new, interactive training methods; and shift planning. A number of consulting and training services round out the offerings.


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