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Akquinet port consulting is “innovative through research”

German Stifterverband awarded the company for its research on the planning of operational processes at port terminals

Bremerhaven/Hamburg. As one of the largest private sponsors of science in Germany, the German Stifterverband awards the seal of approval "Innovative through Research" to research companies every two years. This time, akquinet port consulting was also honoured for its research on simulation-based planning of operational processes at port terminals.

Akquinet port consulting, a subsidiary of akquinet AG, not only offers consulting services and solutions for port logistics, but also carries out research in this field. "With our research we lead theoretical research results for the maritime industry to applicable innovations. Container terminals are an important interface within maritime supply chains. These newly developed software programs are used to plan their very complex operational processes," explains Managing Director Prof. Dr. Holger Schütt.

The company has now been awarded the "Innovation through Research" seal of approval. In a current joint project akquinet port consulting is working together with the South Korean company Total Soft Bank Ltd., the local Pusan National University and the German University of Bremen. The aim of this project is to develop a software prototype of a simulation-based decision support system for a container terminal, which plans selected operational processes on the basis of rules. The focus here is on the planning of a period of time comprising several work shifts. Up to now, TOS systems cannot sufficiently support such planning on the software side, because they push them to their limits by too long computing times.

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